Internal Audit Management by MetricStream

From corporate policemen to strategic advisors, internal auditors have evolved over the past decade.

Today, boards and leadership teams are looking to internal audit function not just to highlight where internal controls are inadequate or ineffective, but to provide insights on how the business can improve its efficiency and operating effectiveness.

This has become particularly important in the face of increasing compliance burdens, cost pressures, and digital disruptions.

Increasing compliance burdens, cost pressures, and digital disruptions as a list.

If there was ever a test of internal audit’s agility and value, it was COVID-19. It pushed the internal auditors to rethink auditing, navigate a fresh set of risks and adapt to remote working.

Crisis management, business continuity, and employee health and safety became key priorities while helping their organizations to minimize the disruption caused by the pandemic.

This has also increased the scope of internal audit function to provide assurance to risk, compliance, third-party risk, and cybersecurity programs.

So how can internal audit function rise to the challenge and deliver the value that their businesses need?

Audit function need to demonstrate agility, keep company’s strategic objective in focus, provide actionable insights, help organizations in reducing cost while increasing operational efficiency.

MetricStream Internal Audit Management, built on the MetricStream Platform, enables you to drive an agile internal audit program that is aligned with organizational goals and prepared for multi-dimensional risks, while preserving the trust of every stakeholder.

Streamlined, simplified workflows, standard audit universe and common risk taxonomy not only accelerate audit cycles but also provide significant insights to accelerate business performance.

The platform supports federated approach where it brings together data across risk, compliance, cybersecurity and internal audit functions providing a single source of truth.

With MetricStream: create agility and collaboration, optimise audit profitability and provide timely, reliable insights and foresight to the board and stakeholders and help achieve operational resilience.

Power your internal audit function with MetricStream.

Learn more about the MetricStream Internal Audit Management product today.

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