Intermingle of Project Management and Change Management: An Organization-wide Program Launch

We all want to lead innovative, creative teams. Ones that are capable, confident, and engaged. But most of us have a habit that is getting in the way: we are in the habit of telling. Giving others the answers -- or what you think are the answers -- feels quicker, plus you have experience and knowledge to offer and there is so much to get done! But in doing so, you find that you become the bottleneck for projects. Your team feels disempowered, & they stop thinking for themselves. And innovation and engagement give way to status quo. If you are a leader, coach, or collaborate with others on a team, learning to ask more effective questions is the most important skill that you can develop! If you can learn to break your “telling habit” -- and start tapping into the power of effective questions -- you open up whole new horizons of possibility for your organization, your team, and yourself! During this session, you’ll learn how to lead with intention by using powerful questions to make your leadership and coaching more effective and empowering, freeing you from of having to be the expert who has to have all the answers, and teaching your team how to learn and create solutions that far exceed what any one person could come up with alone.
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