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In this segment, we will be exploring the Enterprise Management Module as part of the free access to

First, click FREE ACCESS then create a free account. Type your First and Last Name, Email Address, and preferred Password, and click Submit.

Once done, it will bring you back to the sign-in page. Just enter your Email Address and Password and click Log in.

Let’s proceed and navigate the Enterprise Management Module

Here, you can see the Enterprise details starting from the Enterprise Information, Description, Logo, Business Structure, Parent Company, Certification/Accreditation, Regulatory Compliance Requirements, and Enterprise Records.

1) For the Enterprise Information Section
It's in this section where the facility will be asked to enter their company's Legal name, their address starting from the country, building number, city, state, and zip code, their contact details like the company's phone number, fax number, and email address, and the company website.

Next is the Contacts Management for the facility representative, and for the Emergency Contact Management, in the event of a recall or any emergency concerning the products or the services that the company provides you may add your Emergency Contact Designees on this section so they will also be notified if there is any food safety event or sort of an emergency.

2) Next to Enterprise Information is the Description Section
-For the enterprise or business description you can put here the description of the company. So you can put here what your mission is and what the company is all about which is normally the details from their website. It is also expandable for your reference.
-This is also where Interlinkiq starts asking questions:
If your company has facilities, If your enterprise has employees, If you import or export, and if your company offers products or services.
Once your answer is YES, this thing populates on the left side table.
If you guys don't have a facility, then the facility section will not pop out for you to fill out.

Next is Enterprise Process Management, just tick mark what your process is and whichever category your enterprise is involved in. If the category is not listed in any sections, you may choose others to specify whatever it is.

3)Logo Management Section, this can be used by your team internally in putting it on your letterhead.
In your SOPS, Programs, Policy, and Procedures, Forms for records, and training materials.

4)Business Structure Management -You choose here if your company falls under the general partnership, corporation, etc. You will also be asked to download a supporting file which can come in handy just in case you'll have a customer that's looking to verify that you're a verified enterprise.

Annual Gross Revenue - this is where you put your gross revenue for you to track.

If you have any trademarks you can put them here, upload a supporting file in this section and you can add multiple if you have multiple trademarks.

5) Parent Company Management- if you're part of an umbrella corporation, your own subsidiary, or what not fill this out for the continuity and verification later on by your customer.

If you have a DNB @ just enter it in this section.

You will also be asked what your relationship is and what your current position is with the enterprise. Just choose from the options listed below.

6)CERTIFICATION AND ACCREDITATION MANAGEMENT - this is regarding the certification and accreditation that was acquired by your facility. Just choose from the options and upload a supporting file pertaining to the cert and accreditation acquired by the facility.

7) REGULATORY COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT- This is regarding the certification and accreditation acquired by your facility. This is where you can upload your FDA and USDA Registration Certification.

8) Records Repository Management -

This is where you may add your additional enterprise records such as your Tax ID, Corporate Documents, Partnership agreements, certificates, accreditations.
To add an enterprise record just add on the add button, choose the document file, input the document title and description and enter the document due date. Once done click insert.

This module is fully customized for your intended process and use, by simply contacting [email protected] or simply call 202-982-3002.
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