Interfaced With Technical Project Manager - John Davis

With Interfaced, we take a look at Halborn: On The Inside and get to know the team behind. For this episode of Interfaced, we have our Technical Project Manager, John Davis.

In this conversation, we go beyond the project management essentials of timeline, budget, and scope to talk about management styles, life at Halborn, life hacks for remote workers, and what does one need to succeed in John´s role as a technical project manager. We also discuss project management principles and the art of flexibility and process optimization.

To learn more about Halborn and our award-winning, ethical hackers and blockchain specialists, visit: https://halborn.com/


John Davis is a Technical Project Manager at Halborn who comes to the blockchain world with a background in information security risk and compliance. John’s previous experience spans the gambit from finance and procurement to federal compliance frameworks. Here at Halborn, John supports Halborn´s client-facing team with a focus on process optimization and serves as the lead for internal development programs.

Arabdha Sudhir leads the marketing at Halborn. Arabdha is also an engineer, entrepreneur, and artist who strives to bring these facets together with her everyday work.

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