Intelligent Systems for Assessment and Development of Personnel: Mentoring Study

Nestor Shpak , Kateryna Doroshkevych , Zoriana Dvulit, Roman Dzvonyk and Andriy Bosak

Lviv Polytechnic National University, St. Bandery str., 12, Lviv, Ukraine, 79013

The article investigates the intellectual systems intended for the evaluation and development of personnel of the enterprise (intelligent HR systems) and emphasizes the insufficient level of their development in the conditions of mentoring implementation. To strengthen the motivational impact on employees and increase the level of enterprise management in general, the article proposes to develop intelligent systems in the direction of mentoring assessment, for which an appropriate evaluation procedure has been formed. As part of the proposed procedure, a scorecard is recommended, which provides for assessing the level of mentoring processes, identifying the effectiveness of mentoring. To identify the difference in the level of involvement in the mentoring processes of various structural units of the enterprise (departments), the article provides posterior comparisons according to the Tukey HSD. Practical approbation of the order took place in the Lviv IT cluster, where there are minor differences in the levels of mentoring at enterprises.
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