Integrative Plant Science MPS Symposium

School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University, May 26, 2022

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0:08 - Introduction, Dan Buckley, Director of Graduate Studies, Integrative Plant Science
4:43 - Catherine Peebles: How can voluntary carbon markets work for small farmers?
8:32 - Paul Chong Ren-Huang: Cattleya orchids for Singapore and the tropical lowlands: A review and breeding resource
14:02 - Robin Guo: Interactive map of USA natural disasters developed through open-source tools
15:31 - Luka Malesevic: Canola Growers Manual for Efficacious Production, Crop Protection, and Management – Future economic potentials for canola market expansion in Serbia
18:16 - Jonah Goldstein: Mutualism in the Neighborhood: The Case for Community School and Public Garden Collaboration
23:14 - Kylie Braunius: Optimization of Habitat Infrastructure Sites for Connectivity of Puma concolor Habitat in California:
26:47 - Debra Guo: An Assessment of Soil Health Research in Global Cotton Cropping Systems Under a Changing Climate
30:10 - Siying Huang: Comparison of two agricultural systems in Hubei Province (China) and New York State (United States
34:55 - Wyatt Boone: Dual-Processed Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion of Fish Manure for Hydroponic Fertilizer
39:30 - Emma Martone: Seed Sharing and Public Gardens
44:58 - Closing, Dan Buckley, Director of Graduate Studies, Integrative Plant Science

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Focus areas:

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
Climate Change and Agriculture
Crop Science
Geospatial Applications
Hemp Science
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Breeding
Plant Protection
Plant Systems
Public Garden Leadership
Soil Science
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