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Every learning organization needs a learning content management system at the center of their learning infrastructure in order to provide blended, personalized, and on-going learning experience to the customers. Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS), is a one-stop repository of learning objects, that can help you:

• Create multiple content workspaces for instructional designers, authors, and reviewers

• Provide collaborative access and version control for your digital content

• Publish the content to Instancy Learning Management System with a single click…

• Or export the content to eLearning content standards of your choice from a single source (SCORM, xAPI or AICC)

With a built-in suite of authoring tools integrated right into the iLCMS, you can create many types of learning content, all while ensuring that your content plays on desktop browsers and on any mobile device.

Auto-translate your content in multiple languages or export the content for manual translations.

In addition to helping you create new content, the iLCMS enables you to upload and manage external content files or packages and combine them with content created within the iLCMS to build your blended learning programs.

The iLCMS facilitates the reuse of content objects within other larger objects and learning paths. For example, images, videos, audio files or webpages may be used within multiple Learning Modules. Similarly, supplementary content resources such as a glossary, certificates, or discussions may be linked with multiple learning modules.
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