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Nonprofits are entrusted with some of the world’s most important work, and the scope and size of our sector has expanded tremendously in the past few decades. Often in partnership with other sectors, we seek to solve the biggest problems of the planet, such as climate change, hunger, poverty, the need for clean water, protection of civil rights, promotion of education and health, and preservation of culture and quality of life.

Responsible, informed, and well-equipped governance of our nonprofit organizations is critical and affects every aspect of our ability to achieve our missions. Our strong boards ensure effective program and executive evaluation, ensure financial vitality, and enhance our organizations’ public standing, so we may do more good in in the world; and it’s essential that we have good governance to achieve our worthy aims.

But do we agree on what good governance is? And how does it vary from organization to organization or country to country?

Whether you are a member of a board, leader of a capacity building organization that funds nonprofits, nonprofit executive, fundraising practitioner, or if you teach in or research our sector, join us for a thought-provoking session on exceptional nonprofit governance – and why one size does NOT fit all.

Join our panel of international experts Penelope Cagney, principal of The Cagney Company, Jon Stettner, retired CEO of Make-A-Wish International, and Simona Biancu, principal of ENGAGEDin for a conversation that explores governance practices from around the world, what plays into best practice as well as the different challenges boards experience from culture to culture and country to country.

You’ll walk away with a broader sense of best practice and inspiration from a diversity of experiences and perspectives that will give you the opportunity to elevate your own governance conversations to a more nuanced level.

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