Insight of Spoorthi -Positive Parenting course

Dr. Geetha Challa is a Counseling Psychologist, personality development trainer, Gerontologist, Social worker and early childhood education specialist. With a PhD in Human Development, M.Sc. in Child Development and training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy,Stress counselling Her coverage runs more than 10 lakhs . She holds prestigious positions as a counseling officer, therapist, trainer and Gerontologist. She has varied skills and expertise in the area of counseling, primarily child and parent counseling, Developmental assessment (below 6 years), Psychological assessment, Learning problems (writing/reading), ADHD, Career Counseling, Anger Management, Premarital & Couple Counseling, Behavior modification, stress management, etc. She is the founder of Manojagrithi and Sudisha and rendering services to needy people. Dr.Geetha Challa pursued her Masters in Psychology, Master of Social Work,Masters in HD&FS; Ph. D in Human Development Short Certificate Courses Basic Counseling Skills, CBT, Stress Counseling , Psychological Counseling & Crisis Management
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