INGSA Horizon Series - SPECIAL - INGSA2021 Digital Poster Winners

The INGSA2021 conference ( provided academics and practitioners of science advice, the chance to share their cutting edge research in the form of Digital Posters.

5 of the best of videos were selected by our judges, and one was awarded the people's choice awards for the most votes during the conference. This video collates all 6 winners in one compelling video. The winners are:

- Alejandra González (Colombia) -  Science Diplomacy in Emerging Economies: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Colombian Case

- Noam Obermeister (UK) - What and how do science advisers learn?

- Madiagne Diallo (Senegal) - Novel tools and frameworks for science advice in 6 African countries

- Alana Westwood et al (Canada) - Knowledge exchange frameworks in natural resource management

- Rhoda Jennings (Ireland) - Translating post-normal science into legislation: the science of the precautionary principle

- PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Akoko Sita Kondo (Côte d'Ivoire) - Transforming Research Evidence on rabies into practice in Côte d'Ivoire

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