Information Technology 402,Class 10, Employability Skill (Term 1)MCQ, 2021

Information Technology, class 10,Employability Skill (Term 1) MCQ, 2021Latest, based on revised syllabus of CBSE for the academic year 2021-22. It is helpful for the upcoming public exam of class 10 on November 2021.
The video covers the units coming under 'Employability' such as:-
Unit 1 : Communication Skill
Unit 2 : Self-management Skills
Unit 3 : Information and Communication Technology Skills

The PDF of Unit 2, Electronic Spreadsheet is available in following link
In order to watch the
Part 2, MCQ Picture Demo on Unit 2, Electronic Spreadsheet
Part 1,MCQ Picture Demo on Unit 1, Digital Documentation (Part 1) of IT 402,

Information Technology 402 of CBSE class 10, is an additional optional subject.
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