Inequitable Climate: Managing Wildfire Risk | Webinar - October 27, 2022

This webinar featured a panel of Stanford scholars and U.S. and Canadian experts on wildfire management who examined best-practices and shared lessons learned on traditional forest treatment, how practitioners must adapt to new climate factors public perceptions of controlled burns, and the policies and measures needed to help reduce wildfire risk. The discussion also included paths to building resiliency, particularly in communities at highest risk from wildfire and wildfire smoke.

Learn more about the Inequitable Climate series: https://stanford.io/3WrFY2Y
Read the highlights: https://t.co/hyORVML0rm

Rana Sarkar, Consul General of Canada, San Francisco/Silicon Valley
Amy Cardinal Christianson, Indigenous Fire Specialist, Parks Canada Agency
Alexandra Konings, Assistant Professor, Earth System Science, Stanford University
Frank Lake, Research Ecologist/PSW Tribal Liaison, U.S. Forest Service
Chris Field, Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

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