Independence Day Celebration: Reflecting on Nigeria's 63 Year Journey As A Nation | 01-10-23

Hosts: Osarogie Ogbonmwan & Blessings Mosugu
News Central's Correspondent Bettina Nwelih, reports

1. Deji Omashola, Political Scientist, Lagos, Nigeria
2. Daniel Chukwura, Professor of Public Sector Management, Anambra, Nigeria

Sixty-three years after gaining independence, Nigeria finds itself in a complex tapestry of diversity and challenges. Despite being a nation with vast potential, it often appears as more of a geographical expression than a united entity with a shared identity. Nigeria is a nation where various ethnic, religious, and regional groups coexist, but the quest for a common national identity remains elusive.

Nigeria's history has been marked by a series of transitions – from colonial rule to self-determination, from democracy to military rule, and back to democracy. While the nation has made progress in establishing democratic governance, it still grapples with issues that threaten its unity and identity.

One of the recurring challenges is the lack of a strong sense of national identity that transcends ethnic and regional affiliations. Nigeria is a country where diversity should be a source of strength, but it often leads to divisions and tensions. Ethnic and religious differences have, at times, overshadowed the nation's potential for unity and progress.

Furthermore, Nigeria faces economic hardships, with issues such as inflation, unemployment, and the recent removal of fuel subsidies affecting the daily lives of its citizens. These economic struggles contribute to social and political unrest, exacerbating the sense of disunity.

Security concerns also loom large, with ongoing threats from insurgent groups and communal conflicts that further strain the nation's cohesion. The dream of Nigeria's founding fathers to build a united, prosperous, and harmonious nation is a work in progress, as the nation continues to grapple with internal divisions.

As Nigeria celebrates 63 years of independence, there is a call for reflection and introspection. The nation stands at a crossroads, with the opportunity to forge a stronger, more inclusive sense of national identity. It is a moment for leaders and citizens alike to work together to overcome challenges, bridge divides, and build a Nigeria that fulfills its promise as a diverse, united, and prosperous nation.

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Independence Day Celebration: Reflecting on Nigeria's 63 Year Journey As A Nation | 01-10-23

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