In the Biz- Episode #16 - Managers!!

In the Biz Episode #16 - Managers. In the Service Industry, we have mixed emotions when it comes to managers. We absolutely love some of them, hate some of them, and then you have the managers that fall somewhere in between. In this video, Tany Mujikwa, Christian, and Anthony from In The Biz discuss Management from multiple angles. Is it something to aspire to try? Or is it something to stay far away from?

In The Biz is a service industry podcast where we share our stories and teach people about the ins and outs of the service industry. Along the way, we also interview the best in the biz.

In the service industry, we keep the world moving and nobody knows us like US. We aim to help you navigate the industry so you can make some extra cash and keep your sanity while doing it!

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