In RF2 tyre management is a thing!! | RF2 LFM BTCC at Silverstone

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Below are links to the hardware that I use.

Rig 1
PSR1 -
Monitor Stand -
Monitors -
Fanatec CSL DD -
DD1 Wheel base -
McLaren GT3 Replica rim -
Porsche 911 GT3 replica rim -
Fanatec Formula V2 rim -
H Pattern/Sequential Shifter -
Advanced Paddle Module -
Fanatec Clubsport Quick Release adapter -
Heusinkveld Ultimate + Pedals -
Audio Interface -

Rig 2
Sim Rig -
Monitors -
Wheelbase -
Wheel 1 -
Wheel 2 -
Heusinkveld Ultimate + Pedals -
Asetek Invicta Pedals -
Audio Interface -
Headphones -
StreamDeck -
Camera -
Lighting -

Please note that some of the above are affiliate links. Thank you for your support as always.
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