In Praise of Predictive Project Management [plus MASSIVE NEWS !!!]

These days, it can feel like traditional, predictive Project Management is going out of fashion. Especially when some Agile PM commentators refer to it as Waterfall in a derogatory way. But, the truth is, Predictive Project Management Works.

For millions of project managers across the globe, this is not just their introduction to project management. It is their daily professional bread and butter.

And, for those managers and professionals who never aspire to be a project manager... Yet they need to deliver projects on time and to budget…
Yup, for them, predictive project management is perfect for their needs.
I’m not arguing that, for a long-term Project Management career, you should not learn about Agile methods. Adaptive PM is every bit as valuable an asset in your toolkit as Predictive.

But I am arguing that we should not throw the Predictive baby out with the Project Management bathwater.

I would say every project manager other than a dedicated Agilist needs to get a great grounding in basic predictive project management. And that’s what I aimed to provide when I started OnlinePMCourses in 2016. I built everything around three core courses (https://onlinepmcourses.com/core-project-management-courses/):
1. The Project Manager’s Fast Start Program https://onlinepmcourses.com/core-courses/project-managers-fast-start-program/
2. The Project Manager’s Skills Mastery Program https://onlinepmcourses.com/core-courses/project-managers-skills-mastery-program/
3. The Project Manager’s Immersion Program https://onlinepmcourses.com/core-courses/project-managers-immersion-program/

These are my medium, large, and extra-large Predictive Project Management courses.

But today, I have my biggest announcement ever.
It is a price drop - and it’s a big one. And no, I am NOT talking about a Sale.

I am dropping my prices permanently. Probably, it will be forever. Certainly, it will be until further notice. Basically, I am halving the prices.

Why am I doing this?
1. I have held prices since launch in March 2016. And, after 6 years, I have covered the costs of recording, editing, publishing. Hundreds of people have benefited from these courses, which have helped them to build the career they deserve.
2. I set up this YouTube channel to market my courses. But, I have become aware of how popular content is, via the YouTube channel. This now takes up most of my time.
3. Many, many of you, my followers, are not yet highly paid Project Managers. Some of you live in countries where salaries are lower than here in Europe, or in places like Australia, Canada, and the US. Too many people found my old pricing hard to afford.
4. I want more people to have access to my courses. And I am prepared to take a big cut in my profit to achieve this.

If I were you, I’d have questions…
1. What if I bought it at the old price recently?
If that’s you, drop me a line. I have something for you. But note: recently means the last month or two.
2. What about seasonal sales?
Well, who knows? Probably not. But I do like to reward loyalty. So, I tend to save my discounts for members of the community. I make these offers through my newsletter (link below) and in livestreams on YouTube.
3. Is this just a way to sell more?
Yes, it is. I want more people to buy my courses and learn project management. It’s that simple. Maybe, I’ll sell enough more to make up for the price drop. That would be a win-win.

A while back, I asked Project Managers in a couple of forums what material things you need to have, to do your job as a Project Manager. They responded magnificently. I compiled their answers into a Kit list.
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