Imran Khan Talks Cricket, the Taliban and Being Ousted from Power | VWN Meets

Pakistan is in the middle of political chaos — and one man is at the center of it all. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted last year in a no-confidence vote, but polls suggest he remains the country’s most popular political leader.

Within a year of being removed from office, 70-year-old Khan has survived an assassination attempt and faces dozens of new charges ranging from corruption, terrorism to sedition. The current government has branded the popular politician known for his philanthropy and cricket career as a "militant" and attempted to arrest him using excessive force, while tear gassing, attacking and arresting his supporters. Khan believes the charges against him are political persecution tactics meant to distract him from campaigning for elections due this year.

VICE World News’ Isobel Yeung sat down with Khan at his home in Lahore on March 6, 2023.

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