Improve Security Posture in GKE Environment with ACM and ASM

Learn more about Google Kubernetes Engine → https://goo.gle/3CvxDl7

From large digital-native powerhouses to midsized manufacturing firms, every company today is creating and deploying more software to more places more often. As organizations expand their Kubernetes deployments, creating and enforcing consistent configurations and security policies across a growing Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environment becomes difficult and creates friction. And traditional security tools are outdated when it comes to providing greater observability for your networks, managing cluster-level objects, GitOps-style configuration, and policy enforcement. Join us to learn how to enhance the security posture in your GKE deployments and with Anthos Config Management and Anthos Service Mesh,ensuring a stable and secure GKE environment to build apps quickly and deploy them easily.

Anthos Config Management → https://goo.gle/35NR24N
Anthos Service → Mesh https://goo.gle/3sYeeq3
Secure GKE → bit.ly/secure-gke-asm-acm
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