Impressive: Lian Li Lancool 216 Case Review, Thermals, Cable Management, & Noise

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The Lian Li Lancool 216 is a highly competitive case at $100, launching today, and replaces the Lancool 215 while offering cheaper access to Lancool III features. Our review of the 216 looks at thermals, noise, noise-normalized thermals, and build quality features (like cable management, the unique rear fan, the custom-molded front fans, and the accessible top panel). The benchmarks have the 216 instantly as a competitive case worth learning about. We also show before-and-after shots for “water cooling mode” and “air cooling mode.”

Watch our Lancool III Review:

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00:00 - Lian Li Lancool 216 Case Review
01:40 - Unique Fan Features & 216 vs. 215 vs. III
07:52 - Converting to Air Cooling Mode vs. Water
12:13 - Fit & Finish Issues, Cable Management
14:39 - Warnings on Liquid Coolers & Radiators
17:21 - Thermal Benchmark Setup
17:44 - CPU Thermal Benchmarks on Lancool 216 vs. 215
18:44 - Comparison CPU Thermals vs. Alternatives
19:19 - GPU Thermal Benchmarks on Lancool 216
20:54 - Comparison GPU Thermals vs. Competition
21:24 - 3DMark "Gaming" Thermal Tests
22:02 - Blender CPU & GPU Low Heat Load Tests
22:42 - Standardized Fan Testing
24:17 - Noise Levels
24:53 - Noise Normalized Thermals
25:32 - Conclusion

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