Important vs. urgent – Time management tips (Part 2)

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Important vs. urgent – Time management tips Part 2

Understand the difference between important and urgent. Everything you do, every email you read, every meeting you go to, and every action or behaviour you do, has two elements to it –how important it is and how urgent it is.

Now, what happens is we sometimes suffer from a little confusion as to whether something is urgent or important. And, one of the ways that people kind of trick you into doing something or prioritising something is by making it seem really urgent, either through their voice tone or the mannerisms or by saying, "Hey, listen, I need this as soon as possible."

Now, because they need it as soon as possible, that doesn't make it important. In fact, in many cases where it is requested from others, it's urgent because they didn't deal with it before they sat on it. They procrastinated. It was in their email box, and now they need your help to deliver it last minute.

So, which of the two should be done first --the one that is important or the one that is urgent?

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