Implementing Best Practice in Business: Shape a better future using ESG with Mark Thomas

“How are we going to make things better in the future for the environment? And how do we have more diversity, equity and inclusion?”

In this episode, we hear Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International, talk to Mark Thomas about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance); what ESG brings to organizations, the future it will create, and how it differs from other governance frameworks. Mark is the President of Escoute Consulting, and a Governance, Risk, Compliance and IT Service Management consulting specialist who's on a mission to help organizations find practical solutions to their ESG challenges.

We begin the episode by asking Mark how the UN’s release of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals specifically lead to an increased awareness for ESG and how the current global move towards a sustainable, inclusive, future is shaping the markets.

Propelled by the sustainable development goals, Mark further tells us why ESG visibility has grown – and is forecast to stick – as we discuss what sets ESG apart from other frameworks. Moving on to the topic of goals cascade, Mark talks about the importance of looking at the whole supply chain. If your suppliers are ethical, but your supplier's suppliers aren’t, are you really making a difference?

Listen in as Mark talks about building individual goals and aligning these goals to the organization’s – and the suppliers – so there is consistency top to bottom. “Communication moves very, very, quickly, so tone at the top is going to be huge for those lean organizations”.

Finally, Mark walks us through how ESG fits with trends toward leaner organizations before talking about how we can avoid Environmental, Social, and Governance being seen as ‘just another’ framework, and in doing so ultimately build a better, greener, fairer future.

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