Impella: concepts, troubleshooting scenarios, weaning, sheath management- Elias Hanna

0:00 Impella catheter description-Implantation steps- Explanation of the purge system
06:50 Impella position: how to assess on echo
09:45 Impella waveforms and hemodynamics (flow and pressure hemodynamics)
22:37 Impella vs IABP
26:02 Troubleshooting of Impella position and waveform
31:39 Impella sheath troubleshooting: repositioning sheath concepts, limb ischemia management (35:53), post-close technique (39:55)
42:50 Clinical troubleshooting: 6 ICU cases scenarios (eg, low flow, suction, escalation, hemolysis, bleeding, sepsis)
1:05:35 Criteria to wean: when and how? Will the chronically depressed LV have sustained improvement?
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