Impact of Pharmacy Education on Global Health Care System

This webinar will focus on how to develop innovative pharmacy education curricula to better respond to global public health needs. It will also discuss the importance of covering all pharmacy fields and specialties in the pharmacy program, and how to integrate digital health in the global pharmacy education to continuously enhance the quality of education and competencies of the pharmaceutical workforce, as having competent pharmaceutical workforce is critical to providing quality health care services

1. Highlight the importance of quality of education for pharmaceutical workforce to provide high quality health services
2. Understand the innovative pharmacy education curricula
3. Providing effective strategies for comprehensive pharmacy education and training
4. Examining global tools and approaches to integrate e-learning and digital health to enhance the quality of pharmacy education and competencies of health

- Hanane Kebaili, President of the Algerian Early Career Pharmacists Group , Fédération Algérienne de Pharmacie - Algeria
- Abby A. kahaleh, PhD, MS, BPharm, MPH, FAACP, Board of Trustees Faculty & Tenured Faculty of Clinical and Administrative Sciences, RUCSHP - USA

- Abeer Al-Ghananeem, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Associate Dean for Research
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Sullivan University, Louisville, Kentucky - USA
- Anisha Sandhu, Assistant Lecturer, Monash University Malaysia School of Pharmacy - Malaysia
- Martin Henman, AcPS - Ireland
- Carl Schneider, Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice
The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney, - Australia
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