Impact Investing With Damien Dwin

The impact investing movement is gathering force and creating new professional and business opportunities. At the same time, the upheavals of 2020 led many people to reconsider their career priorities. For Wall Street investor and asset management entrepreneur Damien Dwin, these forces led him to launch Lafayette Square, an impact investing startup that aims to be the leading provider of impact capital and build a more inclusive American economy.

During the session, attendees discovered what issues motivated Damien to pursue impact investing, how the industry is shifting focus from the “E” to the “S” in ESG, and how place plays an essential role in achieving positive outcomes for local communities. This in-depth discussion with Antony Bugg-Levine, founder of the Global Impact Investing Network, and co-head of Community Impact at Lafayette Square, also explored how “opportunity for all” must include formerly incarcerated people and enact a fundamental reconfiguration of our approach to criminal justice, which Damien supports as chair of the Vera Institute for Justice.
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