I'm Gonna Need You To Work On Saturday... | Office Management 101

Office Management 101 puts in my comfort zone...ordering low-payed employees around and using all my money to buy toilets. We're taking a look at early access Office Management 101 to see how much coffee my workers down before they quit for the day.

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Office Management 101 is an isometric business simulator envisioned in the image of tycoon classics. Poking fun at the corporate world, the game features quirky characters, slapstick humor, and unexpected events in a cheerful and detailed capitalist dystopia.

As the CEO of a fresh consumer electronics company you must hire employees, design your office and turn your humble firm into a ruthless money-making machine. A deep system of employee productivity and social interactions combined with procedural generation allows a variety of playstyles. You are the boss now!

Recruit, underpay and overwork your workforce!
Master the art of Office Architecture and Decoration!
Devise high-priced products for gullible consumers!
Achieve a set of goals in Scenario Mode!
Follow your own path to glory in Sandbox Mode!
Expanded gameplay with Steam Workshop mod support!

Pick your employees from a diverse selection of customizable characters!
But better keep a close eye on your corporate slaves, as they will try to sneak in time to chit-chat, form relationships and get into heated arguments, which leads to suboptimal productivity.

Run your business in varied locations. You can expand and unlock new building options as you progress through the game. Wide selection of items available to furnish the rooms to your tastes.

Research, design and produce consumer electronics of various nature and take them to the market! Carefully balancing the quality and cost of production is the key to success!

Encounter eccentric rival entrepreneurs who will keep you on your toes! They can be your valued business partners for stretches of time, but never forget that in the cut-throat world of capitalism there are no friends, only steps on the ladder to the top!
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