IG Live with Brinter Founder: Tomi Kalpio

In this episode, we were fortunate to interview the CEO of Brinter, Tomi Kalpio, on Instagram Live to learn the birth history of Brinter, what makes Brinter differentiated from other bioprinting platforms, biotechnology entrepreneur life in Finland, Tomi’s vision for the bioprinting and regenerative medicine field, and the future of Brinter, why “collaboration” is more meaningful in 3D bioprinting either in the academia or commercial/pharma world, why is no one creating software for bioprinting?


Shownotes: https://3dheals.com/category/blog/interviews/ig-live-interview
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUK8Y9Vppvx/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

About our Guest for this Episode:

Tomi Kalpio, CEO of Brinter

An innovative leader always looking for new ways to tackle old challenges by creating solutions you did not know that you need.

Leadership and Management skills:

- Technological Competence Management; Technologically-oriented business knowledge which creates a solid ground to analyze and develop global operations and processes

- Order-to-Delivery process

Technical skills:

- Bioprinting / Additive Manufacturing / 3D-printing / 3D Design Professional

- Value-adding to production processes and product

- Know how from small product specific details to large production lines
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