IDEA Webinar: The Use of Administrative Data at the International Monetary Fund

This webinar described the use of administrative data at the International Monetary Fund (IMF, the Fund) in the context of its three main operations: macroeconomic surveillance and research, lending to member countries, and technical assistance to build capacity in policymaking in member countries. The Fund has a long-standing tradition of using administrative data in some activities, but the systematic use for monitoring economic developments in member countries and research is still in its infancy. In the future, through its bilateral engagement with its 189 member countries, participation in international data initiatives, and partnerships with universities and research networks, the IMF has the potential to gradually enhance the comparability, access, and use of (selected) administrative data produced by national authorities.

Presenters: Era Dabla-Norris, Mission Chief to Vietnam and Division Chief in the IMF's Asia and Pacific Department, Federico J. Diez, economist at the Structural Reforms Unit in the IMF Research Department, and Romain Duval, Assistant Director in the IMF Research Department.

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