ICT in Our Lives Eleventh International Conference 2021- Digital inclusion

The Eleventh International Conference on ICT in our lives – 2021 is held under the theme “Digital Inclusion”. Digital Inclusion ensures that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in an affordable manner. Digital Inclusion must evolve as technology advances. However, this requires intentional strategies and investments to reduce and eliminate institutional and structural barriers to access and use technology. Digital Inclusion is essential to all communities for sustained economic development. It has economic benefits in many areas such as improved education and employment outcomes, improved health and well-being outcomes, efficiency and savings for public service providers and potential benefits for consumers being able to purchase a wider range of products at lower prices. That is why research should increasingly focus on Digital Inclusion.
Tracks :
1. Algorithms for Big Data
2. Architectures and Infrastructure for Big Data and Data Science
3. Big Data Acquisition, Integration and Cleaning
4. Big data and learning Solutions
5. Big Data Applications
6. Big Data in a Connected World (Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and Urban Data Analytics …etc.)
7. Big data in Electronic Government Solutions
8. Big Data Privacy, Security and Trust
9. Big Data Search and Information Retrieval Techniques
10. Business analytics and business intelligence
11. Data Analytics
12. Data Base Systems
13. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Approaches
14. Data Structures and Data Management Algorithms
15. Data Virtualization
16. Data Visualization
17. Data Warehouse Management
18. Emotion Analytics
19. Feature Selection
20. Geographic Information Systems and spatial data Analytics
21. ICT-Based Creativity and Innovation with data
22. Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics
23. In-Memory Systems and Platforms for Big Data Analytics
24. Large Scale Databases
25. Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data
26. Mobile Applications of Big Data
27. Mobile Databases
28. Network and social-graph analysis
29. NoSQL Databases
30. Object-Oriented Database Systems
31. Open Source Databases
32. Pattern Recognition
33. Performance Evaluation for Big Data Systems
34. Predictive Analytics and Methods
35. Resource Management Approaches for Big Data Systems
36. Scalability of Big Data Systems
37. Social Networks Analytics
38. Social Web Search and Mining
39. Text Analytics
40. Web Analytics
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