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The extended essay (EE) is one of the centrepieces of the IB Diploma Programme. Designed as an independent, academic investigation into a topic of personal interest, the essay is a crucial step in students’ preparation for university studies.

This interactive Meet-Up is hosted by DP extended essay coordinators and supervisors to explore meaningful ways to support students during the process of writing their essays. In this EE guidance workshop, IB Educator, Rima Puri takes you through the Business Management assessment criteria for the extended essay. Watch the video and have meaningful takeaways from the session.

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Toddle is an all-in-one teaching-learning platform for schools following the IB or UbD® curriculum frameworks and is used by 30,000+ teachers around the world. Toddle empowers teachers to work together and better for curriculum planning, student portfolios, assessments, reports, and family communication - all from one intuitive interface!

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