Ian Maple: Lessons from being stuck in Agile first gear – Twilight Session

Agile adoption can be challenging, true Agile transformation even more so. Organisations that are embracing Agile can stall at certain points on the journey. If not addressed in a timely fashion, the risk to your transformation and organisational health can have dramatic impacts, even leading to regression from Agile.

Agile teams stuck in first gear often describe Agile as ‘too much overhead’, ’this is chaotic’ or even ‘management thinks we are already there’. Teams like this need a way forward with management support that unlocks the benefits and not just the process of agility. In this Twilight Session, Ian highlighted some of the key patterns he has seen at organisations going through both successful and stalled Agile transformations across Silicon Valley. Attendees explored some key elements that support teams and organisations in their journey from ‘doing’ Agile to ‘being’ Agile.

Ian is an experienced global technology leader and currently the Agile Transformation Leader for Intuit in San Francisco. He's responsible for building and driving the enterprise Agile programme which delivers a consistent, yet highly flexible Agile approach to hundreds of teams as they advance to the next level of agility.

Assurity Twilight Session (Jun 2016) with Ian Maple
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