I Turned My Life Into a Videogame

02Hero is back from the grave!!!!

Welcome to 02Hero: Path Of The Fool
a series of RPG-themed blogs documenting David Rico's Quest as he struggles to stop being a loser! Learning every skill possible as efficiently as possible, building the best possible habits, destroying bad habits, optimizing time and other resources, making friends, and going on exciting adventures!

The Rules of The Game:

#1 Inventory system: Items received are added to the inventory for visual aid in resource management!
Items carried to adventures go on a sub-inventory, the Bag Of Many Things!

#2 Leveling and stat system:
There are a total of 8 stats!

-Order: The ability to remain organized and clean mentally and physically. Practiced by maintaining spaces physical and digital clean and planning properly.

-Creativity: The ability to think outside the box, observe, abstract, innovate, create. Practiced through engagement with the infinite realm of potential for the creation of art.

-Wisdom: The possession of both breadth and depth of knowledge in many domains as well as the ability to think clearly, rationally, and calmly. Practiced through reading, learning new skills, or researching and writing.

-Strength: Physical might, the ability to lift, push and carry heavyweight. Practiced through weight lifting and calisthenics.

-Athletics: Dexterity, agility, endurance, technique, The ability to use the body fluidly and graciously in physical endeavors. Practiced through Cardiovascular exercise, sports, fighting, and dancing.

-Will Power: Patience, persistence, mental fortitude, The ability to persevere through boredom, pain, and hardship, to generate motivation and passion at the darkest hour. Practiced through meditation, problem-solving, meaningful suffering, completing projects and quests, and favoring meaning over expedience in choice making.

-Courage: The brand of the hero, the ability to face one's fears, to try, to fail, to overcome despite the odds, to stand back up after every defeat, to look at the dragon of chaos the demons inside you, and the very devil to the face and bear your sword despite the terror in your heart, to take action and fight. Practiced by overcoming fear.

-Charisma: The top trait of a leader and a necessity for party building, the ability to make friends, collaborate, listen and speak charmingly, honestly, and benevolently. Practiced through social interactions with new people, attending events with strangers, public speaking, and making new friends.

Each stat can be raised by 1 every new day!
If all stats were trained on a given day there would be a total of 8 stat raises!
One raise per stat!
After certain total stat raise thresholds are met the player levels up!

Leveling guide!

From level 1 to 10 it takes 50 stat raises to Level up once!
From level 11 to 20 it takes 100 stat raises to Level up once!
From level 21 to 30 it takes 150 stat raises to Level up once!
From level 31 to 40 it takes 200 stat raises to Level up once!
From level 41 to 11 it takes 250 stat raises to Level up once!
From level 50 onwards it takes 300 stat raises to Level up once!

System #3 Damage and punishment system: There are two charts!

The chart of Pain: list of negative actions that damage the player:

No weekly upload = x3 Hearts of Damage

Porn or fap = x2 Hearts of Damage

Unnecessary purchase = x2 Hearts of Damage

Didn’t work out today = x2 Hearts of Damage
Quest deadline fail = x2 Hearts of Damage
Warm shower = x2 Hearts of Damage
Wake up after 5:00am = x2 Hearts of Damage

Told a lie = x2 Hearts of Damage

Sugary foods = x1 Hearts of Damage

Vegetable oil foods = x1 Hearts of Damage

failed to read today = x1
Hearts of Damage

The Chart of healing: list of goals that result in healing of the player:

Quest complete x1 Heart Healed
20-day nofap streak x1 Heart Healed
30-day cold shower streak x1 Heart Healed
4 weekly video streak x1 Heart Healed
$1000 saved x1 Heart Healed

System#4 Party system: A fun way to keep track of team members! either permanent or for the duration of a given adventure or project!

System#5 Quest System: There are 3 types of Quests:

Main Story Quests: Dedicated to moving the plot, Learning a major new skill, accomplishing a major goal or project

Side Quests: Fun one video long experiences and projects

Key Quests: Daily Quests are set every morning to ensure MSQ and SQ are completed

System #6 Sagas: Story Arcs dividing parts of the story affecting title screen and themes of the channel on a monthly-ish basis

System #7 Updates: method by which new features, better graphics, and video quality is improved!

02Hero: Path of The fool Firmware V1.00

Thanks a lot for watching!

I Don't own the rights to the songs:

Forward, Oneiroi - The Blasting Company
Cartoon Network / WaterTower Music
The Disaster of Passion - Guilty Gear Strive
Negotiations - SMT IV
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