I hate giving Apple my money... - Apple AirPods Pro 2

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AirPods Pros were some of the most popular wireless earbuds available on the market for their ease of use, strong ANC, and decent sound quality, but now Apple has released their next generation that's apparently better in almost every way. Does Linus agree with these claims, or is Apple falling behind the competition?

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0:00 The only option?
0:07 Why AirPods Pros are so popular
1:25 Unboxing and design impressions
2:49 Sponsor - dbrand
3:37 The difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2
5:44 Trying out the touch controls
6:55 Comparing new vs old Transparency/ANC modes
9:38 Features to make getting good audio easier
11:10 Listening to music ft. more ranting
12:13 AirPods have competition
13:00 Outro
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