I Dropped Out Of College To Grow My Side Hustle - Now It Brings In $327,000

Justis Pitt-Goodson, 26, is a proud entrepreneur who got his start making clothing in eighth grade. A tutor gave him a sewing machine, and he began creating bow ties for himself and his friends. He attended Rutgers University in New Jersey for two years before dropping out to focus on fashion. With the help of high school classmates, Kwaku Agyemang and Taha Shimou, Justis officially launched BrownMill Company in Newark in 2016, and five years later it was bringing in about $327,000 in sales.

Produced by: Ennica Jacob
Senior Managing Producer: Sam Rega
Supervising Producer: Jessica Leibowitz
Editor: Marisa Forziati
Additional Camera: Jon Fazio, Edna Rutland
Animation: Elham Ataeiazar

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I Dropped Out Of College To Grow My Side Hustle - Now It Brings In $327,000
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