Hypospadias Masterclass Session 5: Distal Hypospadias Skin Management

Dr. Bush and Dr. Snodgrass of the Hypospadias Specialty Center round out the Hypospadias Masterclass Series on Distal Hypospadias talking about an often neglected but very important subject: penile skin. The management of skin during distal hypospadias repair plays a big role both in the functional and the aesthetic outcomes. They discuss skin management in patients with MIP as well as those with a hooded foreskin. The reconstruction of short skin due to chordee, penile torsion, and penoscrotal webbing is described. They introduce the concept of "Pex and Let Stretch" to describe a fixation stitch at the penoscrotal junction during surgery. This allows the penis skin to stretch postoperatively to achieve a normal length and appearance. This is an important technical step in proximal hypospadias and reoperative hypospadias repair as well.
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