Hyper-V Explained: Providing Network-Storage-Graphic performance in a Virtual Machine

Hyper-V is Microsoft's Enterprise-class type-1 hypervisor. We will explore important technologies that Hyper-V has embraced to move it quickly into the Enterprise and Data Center space. Isolation is what hypervisors are all about, but it quickly became an issue with migrating server loads with intensive bandwidth demands in network, storage, and eventually video graphic performance. We will look at the fundamentals of Hyper-V, demonstrate the problems, and how technologies like SR-IOV “Single-root input-output virtualization” combined with IOMMU provided a solution to the performance issues of PCIe bus and virtual machines. We will also look at Microsoft DDA “Discrete Device Assignment” giving high-performance virtualized servers bandwidth for the most demand server loads. We will look at some of the complex configurations needed for these technologies.

We will review the design of Hyper-V virtualized hardware for the VMbus and why that has been a critical success of Hyper-V!

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