HW News: Ridiculous PC Cases, Razer Makes Impractical Things, & More

There are a lot of crazy new cases coming in 2022, and we're looking at them today. We also look at Razer's impractical table, its new ass-numbing chair, and EK's new motherboard combo.
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00:00 - CES News Round-Up
00:49 - Phanteks Shift XT Case
03:56 - Hyte Y60 Case
08:19 - Thermaltake Tower 500 & 2 New View Cases
12:21 - Freaky CyberPowerPC "Kinetic Series" Case
15:29 - MSI and EK Partner on sub-$400 Motherboard
17:34 - Razer Puts Laptop in a Desk
19:50 - Razer Chair Adds Rumble Pack to Ass
21:09 - XMG OASIS Liquid Cooled Laptops

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Writing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick
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