HVTechFest'21 Hackathon, Day 2 - Project presentations and Award ceremony

Saturday, October 30
Let us see what teams were able to create and build during 20 hours intensive and collaborative hacking!

0:00:40: Judging rubrics, Projects Submitted for Judging
0:02:00: Intro and Welcome Judges: Scott Gillespie, Joe Cupano, Yulia Ovchinnikova
0:09:20: Demos and Presentations begin:
0:09:45 - You Aut To Join Us: Autism - addressing intellectual disabilities
0:18:45 - Traffic Data to support local businesses
0:34:10 - Anonymous Hires: addressing unemployment challenges to eliminate any biases
0:52:00: While Judges are Deliberating / Ilene Marcus to address the next steps: After the Hackathon life. How to leverage the Hackathon opportunity? What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Three concepts explained: how to use networking, documenting, resources
1:11:00: Open Discussion - How Do You Leverage Your Hackathon Experience / Career Ideation. How to make the change - one step at a time. Finding people to support you and work with you
1:28:30: Award Ceremony and prizes assigned: The best overall community hack, The best GIS hack, the best Workforce Development hack

Hackathon Challenge: https://hvtechfest.com/hv-techfest-hackathon-challenge-2021
Hackathon Toolkit: https://hvtechfest.com/hackathon-toolkit
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