HUPMOBILE Final Seminar – part 2

For three years, the HUPMOBILE project has focused on providing a holistic approach to sustainable mobility solutions in port cities of the Baltic Sea Region. Partners from cities and infrastructure operators have integrated innovative mobility options for everyday mobility, port logistics, intelligent transportation systems, and multimodal transportation services. Now it's time to share our achievements and lessons learned with fellow mobility and urban planners and other interested stakeholders! This virtual meeting will also include insights from mobility and planning professionals in Riga and a storyline of the project to give context for the exciting keynote speakers of the day.


0:00:00 Example of applying a holistic approach: case Turku
0:14:20 Simulations in supporting mobility decision-making
0:37:30 Public participation GIS (PPGIS) & lifestyles of residents
0:48:17 Participatory.Tools to improve & enrich your Stakeholder Engagement Process
1:00:54 Lifecycle of grassroots initiative: integrated green water transport in Riga
1:12:27 Building cross-sectoral ITS networks in BSR region
1:22:15 Minipilots in BSR cities
1:35:40 Adaptive traffic lights and mobility management in Tallinn
1:54:05 Active mobility in port areas: case Hamburg
2:07:04 Online tools supporting decision-making on holistic smart mobility
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