Hugo Actually Explained (Websites, Themes, Layouts, and Intro to Scripting)

Hugo will allow you to create optimal website, but we shall overcome the "Hugo Hump" in this video. You gotta understand how templates and themes were before you get into the really impactful stuff.

I still do explain partials, shortcodes and other more scriptable things here, but the main goal is getting you to understand how a Hugo site is configured and arranged.

Link to the repository we use here:

00:00 Introduction
00:55 How to Install Hugo and on Themes
02:13 Getting Started
04:29 The Directory Structure of a Hugo Site
06:27 The hugo server command
08:20 Making new Pages
10:23 Notice the Tags
12:36 Directories and the template in archetypes/
14:40 Subdirectories in content
16:28 Linking and images in Hugo
18:47 Customizing Indexes (Interjection from the Future)
20:43 Looking at Layouts
20:02 Lists vs Singlefiles
24:48 First look at Hugo Scriptability
27:40 The RSS template
28:27 Homepages/indexes without lists of articles
29:43 Hugo's Scriptability and Partials
34:33 "I Can't Believe It's Not a Dynamic Site!"
35:22 Shortcodes (Example on Images)
38:43 Hugo Review

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