HRM MCQs | Most Important CSS & PMS 12-Minute 20 MCQs | Human Resource Management

These MCQs of #HRManagement are most important to learn and understand. Check your knowledge of Human Resource Management by answering these Multiple-Choice Questions of #HRM. Business Administration is one of the key subjects of CSS and PMS. Business Administration carries 200 marks in PMS and 100 marks in CSS.

Syllabus of CSS Business Administration related to #Management & HR (100 Marks)

I. Management
 Defining Organization, Management, and Management in Organizations
 Four Management Functions, Management Roles, Management Skills
 Organizational Internal-External Environment
 Management Planning, Goal Setting, and Decision Making
 Strategic Management Process: Strategy Formulation and Implementation
 Developing Organizational Structure and Design
 Designing Adaptive Organizations
 Managing Change and Innovation
 Leadership and Motivation
II. HR Management
 Role of Human Resource Management in Organizational Performance
 Functions of HRM
 Process and Methods of Job Analysis
 Planning and Forecasting Personnel Needs
 Recruitment and Selection
 Training and Development
 Performance Management and Appraisal: Methods and Processes
 Establishing Strategic Pay Plans
 Compensation and Benefits
 Ethics, Justice, and Fair Treatment in HR Management
 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Syllabus for PMS Business Administration - 200 marks
Organizing: Building a dynamic organization, fundamentals of organizing
(differentiation & integration), organization structure (vertical &
horizontal). Empowerment (Centralization & Decentralization), Coordination by (Standardization by plan & by adjustment). (Human
Resource Management; (HRM); Planning, Recruitment, Selection
and Training etc).

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Important MCQs of Principles of Management

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