How You Can Motivate Your People to Take Ownership

Most of my clients have the same question: how can they motivate their people to take ownership of the organization? This video provides one tool that can assist with that goal.


Eric Landblom
Leadership Developed


I am a retired Marine Corps Officer and Combat Pilot. I learn most of my important lessons the hard way. Once I discovered them, those key pieces stayed with me for life. There have been two wars, four combat deployments, seven non-combat deployments, fourteen countries, and over 300 lives saved, leading directly over 250 people and part of leadership teams of 5,000 people.

I was widowed when I was 38 years old, learned to live the life of taking care of others, learning the most critical skills about taking care of an organization and a community.

I have worked with many amazing people, those names you know and others more significant than you will never know.

I am passionate about building others into greater leaders and managers for a better world. I have seen the ugliest of this world, and I have seen the most beautiful parts of it as well. I believe my failures and challenges can benefit others to strive to be the hero in their own story.

People always ask me: "HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?"

We help you to become the leader your organization needs.

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How You Can Motivate Your People to Take Ownership
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