How We Make Money Online (and You Can Too) | Digital Nomads Living in Portugal

We moved to Portugal so we can work on our travel website full time. We're sharing how we make money through our website and other online avenues to provide some insight into how travel bloggers make money. We are also sharing our ideas for how you can make money and work remotely if you want to move abroad too.

Moving to Portugal Resources:

// ABOUT US //
Dan and Michelle are the owners of, a honeymoon and couples travel website, as well as Dan is a former SEO specialist, and Michelle recently left her job as a digital product manager. We recently sold our home in Austin Texas to live in Portugal and work full time on our travel website.

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// TRAVEL //
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0:00 Start time
1:01 How did we get here
4:34 How we make money
4:40 Ads
5:18 Affiliate links
5:56 YouTube
7:12 Partnership with Travel Agency
8:30 Contract Work
9:26 How you can earn money remotely
10:23 Ask your current employer
10:44 Find a remote-specific job
11:33 Take on contract work
12:54 Develop remote skills
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