How was ScamShield developed?

Join us this session for some #hardtruths where we hear from Aaron Lee, who has been both founder & CTO of a startup and a software engineer at a governmental agency.

After co-founding Buooy in 2013, Aaron went on to start Jaga-me, a mobile healthcare platform in 2016 where he led the product and technology team. Subsequently, he moved on to Open Government Product where he worked on projects such as SgID, PayGovSG and ScamShield.

In this video, hear exciting behind the scenes of the development of ScamShield, an application developed to filter scam messages from unknown contacts. When it comes to the capabilities of technology, should you do something just because you can? Where do you draw the line on what your app can do and the principles that govern this?
Aaron also shares why he decided to leave his start up to join a governmental agency, and answers the question if joining a startup really the best option for all entry software engineers. This is a must watch video for all if you’d like to hear perspectives about working at a startup and a large tech agency!

▬ Contents in this Video
0:00 – Who’s Aaron?
08:40 – About Scamshield
30:15 – Qualities of Entry Level Software Engineer
32:45 – Start ups vs Large Companies
35:45 – Most interesting technology
38:13 – Can I join a Hackathon? How do Hackathons work?
40:07 – My experience at Jaga-me
46:40 – Electrical Engineer to Software Engineer
48:30 – ScamShield beyond SMS and scams?
52:35 – Perception of Bootcamp students
55:05 – General advice for everyone

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