How to Write a Business Plan [Powerful Step by Step Approach]

How to write a business plan… let’s talk about. Of course, creating a business plan is very important because it can help you to get funding, it helps you establish a timeline, but most importantly, it can help you actually be successful in business.

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Here how I suggest you create a business plan step by step game :
Intro Joke (0:00)
How to Write a Business Plan (0:08)
What is a Business Plan? (1:22)
Step #0 - Passion (2:33)
Step #1 - Market Analysis (4:27)
Step #2 - Marketing & Sales (7:58)
Step #3 - Management (10:30)
Step #4 - Products & Services (11:30)
Step #5 - Financial Projections (13:16)
Step #6 - Business Name (15:45)
Step #7 - Executive Summary (17:45)

Now, most people are going to tell you just follow those 7 steps to write a business plan, heck they may even give you a tip to write your executive summary last.

But I’m going to go a little bit deeper and actually break down where you need to start, step-by-step, and why.

And along the way, I will share some additional tips from my experience with launching a new business as well.

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