How To Use Trello Project Management Software | Use labels in Trello | Trello Tutorial Part 06

Trello is one of best project management software available on the market .Trello is basically a freemium project management software.
It has versions for desktop computers, Android devices, and also for Apple devices.
Whether you’re going to manage a business project, or build a website for an official purpose or even organize an upcoming event like a wedding or an office vacation, Trello can help you plan and organize everything in a systematic way.

Now that you know how to create a Workspace and probably have created one in your Trello account, the second step is to create a board.

So, what is a Trello board and what purpose does it serve? Let me explain that delicately.
Suppose I need to get a Physics book and a Maths book published in the upcoming few days. Here the 'Physics book' is a project and the 'Maths book' is another project.
In Trello workspace, these projects are called boards.
Now I'm now going to create a new board in the same workspace which is Research & Development.

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