How to use Microsoft To Do: Organize your Day by Managing Tasks

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to use Microsoft To Do. Microsoft To Do is a FREE app that can help you manage your day by creating tasks and organizing them into lists and groups. Microsoft To Do also allows you to share lists with others so you can assign individual tasks to someone. Microsoft To Do is cloud-based so it will sync across devices. Microsoft Outlook also integrates with Microsoft To Do. Flagged emails and tasks created in Outlook will appear in To Do to help manage your busy day.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Where to get Microsoft To Do
1:43 Using To Do online
2:40 Finding To Do with Office 365
3:55 Launching the To Do app and adding accounts
5:11 Creating a task on My Day list
6:13 Customizing your task
7:29 Changing the background
8:23 Adding tasks to the tasks list
9:28 Completing a task
10:00 Adjusting the settings (Darkmode, showing different lists)
12:00 How to create a list in Microsoft To Do
14:48 Why create a group in To Do
15:33 Renaming lists
16:27 Sharing Lists
17:14 Assigning tasks in Microsoft To Do
17:54 Searching tasks and how to add hashtags to tasks
18:43 Flagged emails from outlook in To Do
19:30 Create a task from an email in Microsoft Outlook
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