How to Use AccessPatrol—USB Activity Reports & Removable Media Control | CurrentWare Tutorial

In this video, you'll learn how to get started with implementing your first USB security policies with AccessPatrol USB device control software.

This video will cover the key features of AccessPatrol, including:
▶ How to configure device restriction policies, such as restricting removable media to trusted devices only
▶ How to apply unique device restrictions to groups of users or computers
▶ How to temporarily bypass device control policies using the device scheduler and access code generator
▶ How to monitor peripheral device usage for high-risk activity using scheduled reports and USB activity alerts
▶ Examples of the peripheral device activity data that AccessPatrol captures

This demo will be using version 7.0.1 so there may be small differences if you are using another version.

Before watching this video you should already have the CurrentWare web console set up, the CurrentWare Clients installed on the computers you would like to manage, and your users or computers placed in their own policy groups.

For more information on installing CurrentWare and setting up your policy groups, please visit the knowledge base at

00:00 Intro
01:11 PC Mode vs User Mode
01:45 How to Block Devices
03:35 Copy Group Settings
04:31 How to Allow Trusted USB Devices
06:24 Overview of Other Features
06:52 Access Code Generator
08:39 Device Scheduler
09:27 Block File Transfers
10:20 USB Activity Reports
13:08 Exclude Data From Reports/Dashboards
14:27 Email Reports
15:56 Email Alerts

CurrentWare is a software company that provides a suite of workforce management solutions for computer monitoring, content filtering, data loss prevention, and remote PC power management.

CurrentWare’s solutions are adopted by a wide array of government and private organizations including schools, hospitals, libraries, and for-profit businesses. CurrentWare customers improve their user productivity, data security, and business intelligence with advanced awareness and control over how technology is used in their organization.

With CurrentWare you can improve the productivity and security of your employees no matter where they work. CurrentWare's workforce management software provides solutions for monitoring remote and in-office employees, restricting portable storage hardware, blocking websites, and remotely controlling computer power states.




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