How to thrive in hypergrowth environments as a Product Manager w/ Chief Product Officer @ Meesho

We occasionally find ourselves in a situation where everything seems to be going our way and we are expanding rapidly.

Boooom, you have entered Hypergrowth!

While it may sound fantastic, there are some difficulties that come with it. We will speak with Kirti Varun Avarsala, Chief Product Officer at Meesho to talk about 'Thriving in hypergrowth situations as a PM's!

Kirti has multi-functional leadership experience and a rare combination of different abilities in areas such as influencing the path of high-growth digital startups, advising CEOs of large corporations, executing cross-functional initiatives with game-changing business impact, and much more.

With so much knowledge accumulated over 15 years of being in the PM business, he is the best person to take us through the core essence of how PMs can thrive in the hyper-growth environment!
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