How To Take Your Fitness Business Online | Mitch Maladrino on the Fitness Franchise Podcast

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews fitness business strategist Mitch Maladrino. Mitch tells us all things new and innovative for fitness businesses, and the new standard successful fitness brands need to operate at, in order to grow.The entire industry was forced to move online, and if you’re trailing behind, you’re simply missing out. Mitch walks us through his impeccable timing of joining the software industry, the fortunate pain of exponential growth and need of his services, and what’s ahead for software, marketing, retention and client services.

If you’re needing to make that jump to online, or wanting to optimize your connection, engagement, and training between you and your clients, you’re going to need to learn more about Trainerize. It’s serviced to trainers, studios, and even massive franchises like ourselves.

00:53 - Bryce introduces today’s guest Mitch Maladrino, the Strategic Account Manager for Trainerize and Strategic Fitness Advisor for TUT Fitness Group
02:55 - Mitch takes us down his back story and experiences at a young age leading him to Trainerize
10:22 - Bryce asks Mitch, what were the key skills needed to successfully manage people in his new found role
12:06 - 1 Big Accomplishment, and 1 Big Challenge that arose for Mitch and his gym
15:16 - The crazy timing that Mitch experienced joining Trainerize, and the switch in his thinking of serving the people who need him the most
21:18 - Mitch breaks down the functionality behind Trainerize
23:38 - Who should be using Trainerize?
26:01 - Mitch gives us a peek behind how he serves businesses day to day with Trainerize
30:04 - The importance of a client's experience with your brand and business
32:04 - Bryce asks Mitch to drop some insight behind nutritional guidance and program stacking
36:15 - What’re some sneak peeks we can look forward to from Trainerize?
37:56 - Mitch touches on how the next 3-5 years look like from the perspective of Trainerize
39:44 - Bryce asks Mitch, what has been Trainerize’s key points of success that’s made them grow at such a great rate
41:37 - Bryce’s Lighting Round Q&A :
Q: What’re you most passionate about and why?
A: Improving myself every single day, protecting myself as my best asset
Q: What’s a habit that’s been impactful towards your success?
A: My structured morning routine
Q: What was an obstacle in the way for younger Mitch?
A: My mindset
Q: Best book recommendation for the FFP listeners?
A: QBQ, Question behind the question by John Miller, Every Conversation Counts by Riaz Meghji, Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
Q: Last piece of knowledge to take the next step -
A: Be resilient, be relentless through probably the toughest time for a fitness entrepreneurial career

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“ Take that step in change, and be resilient, dig in, be relentless, make mistakes, and if you stay stagnant nothing is going to change, so you have to just put yourself out there. - Mitch Maladrino

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