How to survive a PhD: fears and issues. A perspective from students


Xiang Chen – Zhejiang University, China
Ananda Gorck Streit – Federal University Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Khin mo Sue – University of Computer Studies, Yangon Myanmar
Amir Reza Ramtin – Research Assistant at University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
David Córdova – Sorbonne University, France


Edmundo de Souza e Silva – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

How to Survive a Ph.D.: Fears and Issues. A Perspective from Students” is a panel composed of Ph.D. students from different countries in the world. In this panel, students will discuss three common questions: (1) How to handle peer pressure? (2) What’s the worst part of your Ph.D.? (3) How to interact with your advisors? We hope our discussion can help a broad spectrum of students, who plan or already start their Ph.D. journeys, to understand better how to resolve these inevitable problems and survive their own journeys.
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